When a City Water Main Bursts – The Importance of Maintenance, Repair, & Municipal Water Line Replacement in NJ

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Across the United States, aging and decaying sewer and water infrastructure is taking its toll on communities. From big cities like Boston and LA to small towns and suburbs, the vast expense and extent of the public sewer line and water main line repairs, replacement, and maintenance often outstrip local money and resources, leading to the continued service of corroded water pipes that should have long since been replaced. It’s surprisingly common for aging pipes to burst or collapse, creating problems for nearby homes and businesses while necessitating costly repairs for the city.

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Corrosion and Deterioration in City Plumbing Water Pipes in NJ

There are water supply pipes and sewer pipes in the United States that have been in service for as many as 100 years, often longer than the usual expected service life for pipes of that type. The problem is often budgetary. A recently conducted EPA Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey recently found that municipalities throughout the US will need to spend over $77 billion over the next 20 years on municipal water line repair and replacement. Sewer line repair for city infrastructure boasts similarly massive numbers.

Ongoing age-related damage to old metal water lines and drainage systems results primarily from corrosion, which results from chemical processes that are difficult or impossible to completely avoid. Corrosion in water pipes, including main water supply lines, causes three types of damage:

  • The entire metal surface of the pipe can thin significantly over time, often accompanied by reddish (in iron and steel) or blue-green (in copper) discoloration. This can potentially introduce undesirably high concentrations of the metals into drinking water, making it a cause for concern.
  • Deep pits can form on pipe walls, eventually becoming a full-fledged perforation resulting in leakage. In pressurized main water lines, perforation is never a good thing.
  • Copper and other metals oxidize, reducing water flow and damaging water valves. This is often caused by local soil conditions, rather than by water chemistry.

Failing to replace deteriorated water pipes and sewer lines can cause serious problems. From burst water pipes to overflowing sewers, avoiding costly municipal water line repairs can lead to widespread damage, health concerns regarding drinking water safety, and other undesirable issues.

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