Water Leaks: How to Find and Fix Water Leaks in Your NJ Home

According to the EPA ten percent of U.S. homes have leaky water pipes that leak more than ninety gallons of water a day.  Finding and fixing any leaks in your home can save you more than 10 percent on your water bill and thousands of gallons of water each year.  Timely water leak repair can lower your water bills and prevent the costs of repairing water leak damage to your home interiors and replacing your water damaged personal property.


Leak Detection: How to Know if You Have a Water Leak

Sometimes there are clear signs of a water leak; if you hear tapping sounds or the sound of running water when the water is not turned on, if you see wet spots on your walls or floors or if you notice a foul odor that you cannot identify.

However, sometimes you may be unaware of the signs that you have a water leak; a sudden and explainable increase in your water bill, if you have a conventional tank water heater with water on the floor around it, or if you find wet or soggy ground outside near the foundation of your house.

Leak detection has become much easier and more sophisticated in recent years. 2 plumbers NJ plumbing experts use modern equipment that will find your water line leak without having to rip apart your walls or yard’s landscaping.  You can be confident we will find the water leak quickly and resolve it for you in the most efficient and affordable fashion.

We have helped hundred of homeowners in New Jersey find and resolve all sorts of water leaks in their homes, from leaking walls and ceilings, leaking bathtubs, leaking hot water heater, leaking water pump and leaking sump pumps.

We have developed a wide range of techniques for fast and easy water leak detection and our experienced team of plumbers is ready to help you find and resolve your leak anywhere.

What Causes Water Leaks

Water leaks can occur for a wide variety of reasons.  Often the pipe lines are older or constructed badly causing significant corrosion, rust and deterioration, which will lead to cracks and crevices in your water pipes that leak water.  Sometimes water leaks are created by the natural shift of your home’s foundation which makes the joints in your plumbing system separate or loosen. Often tree roots will grow into your sewer line cracking the pipes and requiring immediate sewer line repair.

One of the most common causes for plumbing to leak is change in temperature; the water in your plumbing pipes expands when it gets cold and sometimes results in frozen pipes that shut down your water system.  Even if you do not have frozen pipes or burst pipes in the winter, the expansion and contraction of the water in the pipe as a result of the weather changes puts increased pressure on the pipes, which can lead to cracks and water leaks.

Water Heater Leaking? You Need Water Heater Repair Fast

A water heater leak can quickly become a big problem.  The plumbing going into and coming out of a water heater is also a common point of water leaks. These leaks are often caused by rusting, deterioration and sediment build up inside of older tanks. Most hot water heaters will have many valves and filters that in can get “clogged” or blocked up from this sediment, which in turn, leads to water leaks.

A leaking hot water heater will only get worse if not repaired right away and sometimes is a sign that your hot water heater will burst which can cause flooding that may lead to damaged walls and ceilings and destruction of your personal property.  If you have a leaking hot water heater make sure to call a good plumber for emergency water heater repair right away.

Emergency Leak Repair

Call us right away 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency plumbing service if you have a water leak or hot water heater leak and we will be there right away to assist with:

  • Leak detection and repair
  • Pipe repair and replacement
  • Hot water heater repair and replacement
  • Sewer line repair nj
  • Sewer line replacement
  • Sewer video camera inspection
  • Trenchless pipe leak repair
  • Pipe bursting leak repair

Call us for prompt water leak repair service anywhere in New Jersey. Not only are we experienced New Jersey plumbers but we are well-known for our quick response and no nonsense customer service.

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