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If you’re looking for a sewer contractor to fix a broken, cracked, or severely clogged sewer main line at your home, call us today at 2 Plumbers. We provide sophisticated professional trenchless sewer line repair in New Jersey, allowing us to fix the problem completely without digging any unsightly holes that can ruin your lawn and landscaping. For serious flooding and backup in your home sewer line that can’t wait until office hours for repairs, we offer 24-hour emergency sewer service in NJ to get it taken care of, no matter what the day or hour.

Trenchless Sewer Repairs NJtrenchless-sewer-pipe-repair-nj

Trenchless sewer pipe repair uses noninvasive repair methods, allowing us to identify and fix problems without digging down to access the sewer line manually. We start off by using sewer camera inspection, with sophisticated fiber optic CCTV systems from companies like CUES Inc., Insight Vision, and Envirosight.

This allows us to look directly down into the sewers to find out where the problem is.

  • Sewer hydrojetting, which uses streams of water at very high pressures, is used when the problem is clogging, not breakage. This method can safely break down even the toughest materials, washing them away and restoring normal water flow into the city sewer system.
  • Pipe lining allows us to insert a special liner inside of a cracked pipe. The resin hardens in place, creating a new, waterproof section of sewer pipe. This method for trenchless sewer pipe repair in NJ is very fast and highly effective.
  • Pipe bursting involves inserting a new pipe section into your home sewer line, replacing a broken segment from the inside. The old pipe fractures and breaks away. This approach for trenchless sewer repair in New Jersey is suitable for replacing or upsizing old pipes.

If you’re noticing wastewater backup, clogged fixtures, flooding in your yard, and other problems that indicate home sewer line problems, call us today at 2Plumbers for professional trenchless sewer line repair in New Jersey, at 201-765-0466.

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