Sewer Line Installation

Get great prices and same-day service for sewer line installation in NJ!

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Need sewer replacement or new sewer line installation? At 2 Plumbers, you can call us any time for a FREE cost estimate from an experienced local NJ plumber! We’re always available to talk to you about your options for affordable sewer pipe installation with minimal hassle, straightforward pricing, and quality workmanship that will hold up for decades to come.

Our expansive New Jersey service area for same-day service and 24-hour emergency sewer repairs includes:

  • Bergen County
  • Morris County
  • Essex County
  • Hudson County
  • Passaic County
  • Union County

For same-day service and a 100% free cost estimate for sewer line installation service, call us today at 2 Plumbers, at 201-645-0888.

Sewer Line Installation Contractors

At 2 Plumbers, we offer both sewer pipe replacement for existing sewer laterals and sewer main lines, and new sewer line installation for newly constructed homes, commercial buildings, and municipal sewer infrastructure.

Sewer installation is a complex process that generally requires excavation. You need experienced local sewer service contractors with years of experience safely installing quality sewer pipes that will hold up for years without any major problems.

For great sewer line installation from NJ’s finest sewer service contractors, call us today at 2 Plumbers, at 201-765-0466.

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Sewer Excavation Contractor

Sewer excavation or water line excavation is what we do most often but as a long time NJ

Sewer Line Replacement

NJ Plumbers Low Cost Main Sewer Line Replacement or Sewer Repair FREE Troubleshooting Same-Day Service Call us today at

Sewer Excavation Contractor

Sewer excavation or water line excavation is what we do most often but as a long time NJ

One Comment

  1. Ram

    Hello – Looking for a quote on my main sewer line repair. Below are the comments from an appraiser on the issue.

    Materials used – ABS
    Condition of line – There is a belly (low spot) at 37 Ft (time stamp 1:35-3:00) and it appears the pipe is disconnected. Minor debris at the rest of the plastic sections.
    Recommendations –The section at 37 Ft should be repaired or replaced and the drain/sewer should be re-inspected with a video inspection to the city tap.

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