NJ Sewer Line Break or Sewer Pipe Back Up-How Do You Know?

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Sewer Line Break or Sewer Pipe Back Up-How Do You Know?

Problems with your home’s sewer line plumbing can be stressful and potentially hazardous to your family.

It is often difficult for a homeowner to determine what is wrong with their plumbing, if the sewer line is merely clogged at some point or if it is a bigger problem and the sewer line is cracked or broken as some point and you need to have a plumber that he sewer contractors in nj find the broken sewer pipe and conduct sewer line repair or replacement.sewer-cleaning-sewer-repair-nj

Sewer cleaning and sewer services in NJ are important for residential homes in the New Jersey. A clogged sewer drain can result in a broken sewer pipe and water damage to your home as well as inconvenience and expense for you and your family.

There are various reasons you could have a clogged plumbing line so it is one of the most common plumbing issues we see in home plumbing.

Very often it is just debris, paper or hair stuck in the pipe, which is relatively easy and inexpensive to resolve with a simple drain cleaning, other times the sewer back up is caused by a broken sewer and then sewer repair or sewer pipe replacement is needed.

Sewer repair or sewer pipe replacement?

Whether you have a broken sewer pipe of a clogged sewer pipe the signs are often the same:

  • You smell a strong bad odor of sewage; oftentimes this will be in your basement, where the sewer trap is usually located.  If there is a strong sewage smell this is a likely sign that the sewage from your home is not reaching the main town sewer line in the street.
  • There is a bubbling noise when you use the sink or flush the toilet. A bubbling noise may mean that you have a sewer blockage somewhere in the sewer line and the air is having a hard time escaping the sewer system.
  • Of course, if sewage is backing up into your home then there is something blocking the sewer line or the sewer pipe chain has been broken or exposed somewhere between your home and the town main sewer line.

Clogged or Broken Sewer Pipe?

The first thing to do if you thing you have a sewer line clog or a sewer line break is call a  professional local plumber or sewer cleaning company to conduct a detailed review of the sewer pipe.

A good NJ plumber or sewer cleaning company will usually start by snaking the sewer line to determine if it is clear of any obstructions.

The sewer & drain cleaning company may hit a clog where the snake cannot go through; this is usually means the sewer pipe is cracked or broken somewhere in the sewer line.

One the sewer line is clean; a sewer video camera can be put into the sewer pipe to get more details about the cause of the sewer problem.

A sewer camera inspection will allow the plumber to see inside the length of your sewer line in real time so he can get more details about exactly what is causing the sewer blockage and where.

Sometimes, if it is a sewer blockage that a snake could not clear, your plumber may recommend a sewer cleaning using the more advanced Hydrojet sewer cleaning method.

If it is found that the sewer pipe has been damaged, it is likely that you will need immediate sewer repair to get your water moving again.

There are many causes for broken sewer pipes, sometimes tree roots grow into the sewer line, the pipes are old or corroded or the sewer line was not installed properly.

Professional NJ Sewer and Drain Cleaning and Repair

We specialize in professional and reliable sewer/drain repair and cleaning services in NJ.

Our experienced plumbing technicians will evaluate your sewer problem and if it’s just a backed up sewer or a broken sewer pipe that needs sewer repair, we will provide you with the best and most affordable plumbing solutions.

We have experience throughout New Jersey with:

  • Sewer repair because of tree roots invading the sewer line
  • Sewer repair because of frozen pipes and burst pipes
  • Snake sewer cleaning NJ
  • Hydrojet sewer cleaning NJ
  • Sewer video inspections NJ
  • Water line repair NJ
  • Main water pipe replacement NJ

We serve Bergen County, Hudson County, Essex County, Union County and Passaic County New Jersey for any sewer needs.

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