Low Water Pressure? You May Need Plumbing Pipe Leak Repair

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Have you noticed low water pressure recently in one or more plumbing fixtures in your home? There are many different possible causes of a sudden reduction in water pressure, but one of the possibilities is a plumbing pipe water leak. Plumbing leaks can waste gallons of water on a daily basis, driving up your utility bills while causing water damage to surrounding structures.

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Water Leaks: A Common Cause of Low Water Pressure in NJ

A full 40% of US homeowners have reported property loss due to water damage, and most of these cases were caused by plumbing problems. Burst frozen pipes, plumbing pipe leaks, and sewer backup are the most common causes of water damage that leads to homeowner’s insurance claims. A pipe leak 1/8″ in diameter can leak over 100 gallons of water per day, making it important for homeowners to find leaks early with help from a NJ plumber.

Hidden plumbing leaks are surprisingly common, since most of your pipes are concealed behind walls and flooring. At 2 Plumbers, we use professional leak detection equipment techniques to find leaks quickly, so that we can stop them before they do any more damage.

How to Tell if You Need Plumbing Pipe Leak Repair

Low water pressure is a common sign of a plumbing pipe leak, but it isn’t the only sign that you need plumbing repairs. Low water pressure is only one of a constellation of common symptoms that can point to a hidden leak or dripping pipe. Other signs of a plumbing pipe water leak include:

  • Rising water bills. Your water bill can go up substantially if you have a leak somewhere in your plumbing. If you’re not using more water than usual, higher bills can indicate that there’s a dripping pipe somewhere– especially if you also have low water pressure.
  • Discolored spots. Water dripping can leave moist, discolored areas on walls, floors, or ceilings. These areas often have mold growth, which comes back after you remove and clean it.
  • Faint dripping sounds. If a leaky pipe is close to a wall, you may be able to hear the faint sound of water dripping.
  • Damaged paint or wallpaper. Continuous moisture from a leaking pipe can cause wallpaper and paint to peel away.

If you’ve noticed any of these problems in your NJ home, especially if they’re accompanied by unexplained low water pressure, you may need plumbing pipe leak repair from an experienced NJ plumber.

Why Water Pipes Leak & Cause Low Water Pressure

Plumbing pipes can develop leaks for several different reasons, all of which can ultimately lead to reduced water pressure in your home. Some of the most common causes of household water pipe leaks include:

  • Loose joints. Sections of plumbing pipe are connected by joints, which can become a prime location for leaks if they come loose or break.
  • Corrosion from water pH. Water that’s too alkaline or too acidic can exacerbate corrosion inside of metal or copper plumbing pipes. The pH of water generally hovers around 8. Water pH over 8 can cause copper oxide formation inside of copper plumbing pipes, which can slow corrosion down. Water pH below 8 dissolves copper oxide, leaving the pipe vulnerable to ongoing corrosion. This corrosion cause pinhole leaks that can reduce your water pressure and damage surrounding areas.
  • Water oxygenation levels. The amount of dissolved oxygen in the local water can also affect corrosion and leakage. Too much oxygen can degrade metal through electrochemical oxidative processes, weakening the metal and causing water leaks.
  • High water temperature. Problems like scale buildup and corrosion are more likely to occur in pipes that continuously carry hot water. For this reason, corrosion and leaks are more likely in hot water pipes than in cold water pipes.

Professional Leak Detection & Repair in NJ

Suffering from low water pressure in NJ? It could be a leaking pipe. At 2 Plumbers, we provide professional leak detection and plumbing pipe leak repair services, including 24-hour emergency service for burst pipes and other serious problems. To find out more, call us any time.

Need plumbing pipe leak repair for low water pressure in NJ? Call us any time at 2 Plumbers, at 201-765-0466.

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