Low Water Pressure & Other Water Heater Problems in NJ

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Have you noticed low water pressure that seems to only affect your hot water taps, but not the cold water? Low hot water pressure is a common problem among NJ homeowners, and it’s usually caused by problems with your water heater. Any water heater with a tank can experience sediment buildup and other issues that result in reduced pressure of water entering the pipes, leading to disappointing showers and trickling hot water taps.

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Low Hot Water Pressure? It Might Be Your Water Heater

Low pressure in the hot water pipes, but not cold water types, is often a result of problems with your water heater tank. Most electric water heaters and gas water heaters store hot water inside a metal tank. Buildup inside of the tank will elevate the temperature and reduce water pressure, straining the water heater and leading to low pressure from taps and shower heads.

Some of the things that can cause low water pressure in your water heater include:

Hard Water Deposits

In areas of New Jersey with hard water, the water has a comparatively high amount of dissolved minerals inside of it. This can lead to buildups and deposits inside a water heater tank. Calcium and magnesium in the water lead to scale, a type of mineral buildup in pipes and water tanks that block water flow. These deposits appear white, and if you’re used to hard water, you’ve probably seen similar deposits on dishes or taps. Scale inside a water heater tank not only causes low water pressure, but can decrease the lifespan of the appliance. You’ll need professional water heater cleaning or water heater repair to fix the problem, if possible.

Some of the ways to fix scale buildup in a water heater include:

  • Flushing. NJ plumbers can flush out your water heater tank by draining it, removing particles of hard water minerals that are floating inside it. In areas with very hard water and constant scale problems, you may want this service biannually.
  • Temperature. Heat makes the calcium and magnesium in hard water more likely to deposit itself as scale. If your water heater thermostat is too high, it can make scale buildup more likely to occur. Most manufacturers recommend a setting around 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Vinegar. Vinegar can be a chemical means to prevent hard water buildup and scale. Plumbers can use vinegar solutions to clean out the hot water tank in an electric water heater.
  • Water softening systems. Water softeners are available to help reduce water hardness and prevent scale. These remove calcium and magnesium ions from the water. However, they usually replace these ions with sodium ions, leading to health concerns about sodium intake from tap water. The sodium can also run out and require occasional replacement.

Kinked Flexible Water Lines

Many water heaters use flexible copper tubing, which can develop kinks that constrict water flow and cause low water pressure.

Mineral Deposits in Hot Water Pipes

Like water heater tanks, pipes that carry hot water through your home can also develop scale and mineral deposits that constrict water flow. NJ plumbers can clean out these pipes or replace them, restoring normal water pressure.

NJ Water Heater Replacement

Water heater cleaning and repair can often fix issues that cause low water pressure in your hot water taps, but if your water heater is very old, you may want to consider water heater replacement. Old water heaters lose much of their original energy efficiency, meaning that it now costs more to heat up water than it did ten years ago. They’re also more likely to need repairs for problems like low water pressure, insufficient hot water, or leaks in the water heater tank.

At 2 Plumbers, we provide water heater repairs, water heater replacement, and more for NJ homes and businesses. To find out more, call us any time.

Need water heater repair or plumbing pipe repair in NJ? Call us any time at 2 Plumbers, at 201-765-0466.

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