How To Keep Your Furnace, Boiler or HVAC System on With No Breakdowns

Many times you can save money, time and aggravation just by managing a few things related to your home or business’s heating system. Whether you have central air, an oil or gas boiler, steam or hot water boiler, furnace or any kind of HVAC system there are things you can do to make them run longer and have less heating system repair and save the money to repair, replace and install a new heating system in the long and the short term.

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  • With water based systems like boilers where fire is heating water through a heat exchange and a pump circulates the water through radiators you should always make sure that there is enough water in the system and no leaks.

If water is missing in the system, it will cause radical expansions and contractions, different heat temperatures and air that will increase repairs within the water pump and other boiler parts and put your boiler in danger of cracking the boiler heat exchange which will mean that you will need to replace the boiler completely for a new one.

  • Another thing to do is to keep the water within the system clean.  Whether you have a hot water or steam boiler, water is the exchange between the system and the air temperature of the home or your business.

Dust and dirt is a normal part of every boiler operation and once a year you should service your boiler and do a cleaning as part of the annual maintenance so those pieces or dirt or metal will not run into your system when the heat is running.

  • In all hot air systems, like central heating and HVAC, where the heat exchange is blowing hot air through the air duct system, as those systems are based on air that replaces the air in your room, the basic most important thing to start with is to make sure that your filters are clean and in good condition.

If your filters are dirty air will not flow properly and you will overload the blower, besides the fact that you will have dirty air blowing from the diffusers into your rooms.

  • The thermostat is the main player of every heating system.  A smart thermostat not only will set the right room temperature, it will also save you money by operating your heating system smarter and minimize the maintenance and repair of your heating system by allowing it to run for the minimum time necessary.

The type of thermostat that you have and the location of your thermostat is critical for your heating systems operation as it has a smarter thermostat, it learns the environment in which it is installed and after a few weeks it can set room temperatures to save you the most for your operating heating system.  So it is wise to invest in a good thermostat as in the long run it will help you save money on your monthly bill and heat system repair.

  • If you live in an area where your electricity drops often or you have frequent blackouts you can sometimes tell according to lights that dim or flicker, these quick electrical surges and changes are the most dangerous for any electrical device that you have in your house, including your tv, refrigerator, computers, boiler or furnace, each have devices that are very sensitive to electricity and quick frequency changes.

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