How to Detect and Repair a Bathroom Leak Around a Shower

If you have staining around the baseboard in the basement of your home you know that there is a water leaking going down there.   We have found a few things to identify what is outside so that we can finally get inside to determine the leak.  Mystery water damage from a bathroom area can be caused by a number of different sources. You have your

  • Pressurized water system.
  • drain system.
  • structural integrity of the shower tile.
  • The tile,
  • the grout,
  • gaskets,
  • wax rings on toilets.

A number of different things that may be the source. The first step we need to do is perform a domestic water supply test.   And that’s basically testing the water system of the entire house, of the entire house at one time.  We simply put a gauge on a tap, shut off the supply valve, and low and behold, if the pressure dropped then you know that you have a leak inside the home from a supply line; from the water supply, the potable water.

The next step is to go through with some electronics. You would use an accelerometer, a pretty fancy piece of equipment here.  Call it a fancy listening device, but a pressurized pipe generates a significant vibration. Go around to all the places in the building and touched it.  So is this reading showing that there is water flowing through this valve?  Yes, sir, if there is a test noise on this valve.  It’s almost unnoticeable, because it just drips every now and again. This is one of those ones where every 30, 40 minutes, maybe every hour “blooop”, three drops of water come out. What’s happening is that a small amount of water is squeezing through a valve that is no longer holding tight, filling up the shower riser and eventually, periodically discharging, falling down into the base.

But that’s not what’s causing the discoloration. It may be causing the water damage down below because it may be also leaking on the shower riser. But, to be thorough, we also want to test the structure of the tub.  So when you refer to the structure, we are talking about the walls, the shower head, even down to the rubber grommet that seals the pipe. And one of the first things you do is you put this crazy thing in, a compression plug to block off water from going down the drain line. We filled up the shower pan to a certain point, we made a pencil mark over on the far side and if over the past 20 minutes it has declined. We’ve lost water.  So now we have identified that we are leaking through the shower pan.

Now we have got just a real quick explanation of how do we determine if it’s actually coming from around the gasket. Well, we have a dyepeneter device (a needle) that will insert a specialized fluorescent dye. You apply it to a certain spot and the dye will be sucked down and around the gasket where the gasket has worn and will allow the water to escape down below. So the red dye pull through the shower pan and the seal. That’s causing the drip down below.

Now, a company like ours, an nj plumbing company, we can stop this leak, stop the damage that is going on downstairs. Repair this leak and then repair the damage downstairs and then have this whole system taken care of.   If you didn’t do the testing, the first thing you would have done was take a hammer and knocked the walls out looking for it. You wouldn’t have found anything in the walls, if the problem was down here.

Real great way to study your home, to do it with less invasion and less destruction, and 2plumbers is a great company to call to help us find a leak.

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