Hot Water Heater Replacement and Installation: Efficiency Information

To our New Jersey clients, friends and family, if you are in need of replacing your hot water heater, either a gas water heater, electric water heater or tankless water heater in NJ there will be some important changes to the law.

Be aware that in 2015 there will be new rules and standards for water heaters that will affect installation of a new water heater or replacement of your existing water heater with a new one.

Energy Efficient Hot Water Tanks in New Jerseywater-heater-replacmant-company-paramus-nj

If you need NJ water heater repair and you have a certain opening size that will limit new water heater replacement we might need to change piping and we might even make it short in order to fit the new heater.

There are other conditions that may apply and the best thing to do is to call us to get advice on efficiency and installation.

We might be able to save you money on energy and even make the environment in our world better and cleaner with some of the new hot water heaters on the market and the new standards that apply.

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