Culvert Pipe Installation for Outdoor Drainage in NJ

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New Jersey’s landscape is far from dry. Here in North New Jersey, our humid continental climate brings us quite a bit of precipitation, from rainfall in the summer to snow in the winter. New Jersey also has its fair share of rivers, streams, and watersheds. Riparian waters, along with other potential obstacles like driveways, roadways, and railroad tracks, can become an obstacle for outdoor stormwater drainage. This can lead to swampy areas, oxygen-starved plants and grass, and other undesirable effects from too much water.

At A1 Sewer & Drain Services, we help local homeowners, businesses, and municipalities overcome obstacles to drainage with culvert pipe installation, replacement, and repair in north New Jersey. Based in Fair Lawn, we work with customers throughout Bergen, Morris, Union, Essex, and Passaic Counties to find the best outdoor, front yard, and backyard drainage solutions. For a free consultation and cost estimate, call us today at 201-645-0888.

Why Install a Culvert Pipe?

Driveways, roads, railroad crossings, and streams can all obstruct water drainage in sloped areas. Stormwater pooling in your yard can cause a variety of problems. Saturated soils deprive non-wetland plants of vital oxygen, causing them to rot away and die from overwatering. When the soil is waterlogged, it also expands due to hydrostatic pressure. This can put too much pressure on a building’s foundation, potentially causing it to crack and compromising its structural integrity. This is both a financial concern and a safety concern for New Jersey homeowners and businesses.

Culvert pipes can provide yard drainage solutions, providing a safe passageway for water beneath obstacles. Culverts can be installed by local drainage contractors, and there are several materials that can be used in their construction.

  • Reinforced concrete. Concrete culvert pipes are used in municipal settings, such as near county roads and state roads in New Jersey. Concrete is durable and cost-effective.
  • Galvanized corrugated metal. This metal is quite lightweight compared to concrete, and for contractors, it’s easy to work with.
  • Aluminized corrugated metal. Aluminized corrugated metal is similar to galvanized corrugated metal, but with a longer service life– sometimes exceeding 100 years. Available in diameters as small as 12” and as large as 144”, it’s known for its good structural integrity.
  • Polymer coated corrugated metal. Made from zinc-coated steel with a protective polymer coating, this material comes with extra protection from the elements. This gives polymer coated corrugated metal good durability and long service life.

In much of New Jersey, plumbing codes and subcodes dictate the minimum size for culvert pipes, along with other regulations concerning proper culvert installation.

Installing a Culvert Pipe

If a road, stream, or another obstruction is blocking stormwater drainage on your property, you may need culvert pipe installation. The first step is consulting with an experienced local contractor. Contractors will begin by estimating the expected water flow that your culvert will need to handle, taking minimum size requirements into consideration.

Then, a trench is excavated from the outlet to the inlet point. After cutting the culvert pipe to the right size, the pipe is laid into the trench, starting at the outlet. Once it’s in place, drainage contractors will install compacted stone above the pipe, along with flared end sections to help diffuse heavy water outflows. The final step is backfilling soil over the side slopes.

The material used for your culvert pipe will depend on your needs and budget. Aluminized or polymer coated corrugated metal may be more costly than galvanized corrugated metal, but they can provide a superior service life and better durability. All types of corrugated metal are lightweight, and easier for contractors to work with than concrete.

Drainage Contractors for Culvert Installation in NJ

Need a culvert pipe installed to direct water beneath a roadway or railroad crossing on your property? At A1 Sewer & Drain Services, our experienced local drainage contractors can help you install a culvert pipe to avoid waterlogged soil and the problems it causes. To find out more, or for a free cost estimate, call us today at 201-645-0888.

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