Composite Manhole Covers Can Help Reduce Municipal Sewer Repair Costs for Corrosion

Throughout the United States, aging water and wastewater infrastructure is a serious problem. Old water pipes and sewer lines are deteriorating rapidly, primarily due to corrosion. The costs of corrosion are substantial.

According to numbers arrived at by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), the direct cost of sewer pipe corrosion in 2002 alone was a staggering $22 billion (over $42 billion today, adjusted for inflation).

Corrosion management practices, such as the use of composite manhole covers in particularly corrosive environments, can help reduce the annual costs of municipal sewer repair for corrosion by up to 30%.

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Corrosion in Underground Wastewater Pipes

Underground water pipes and sewer pipes are at particular risk for corrosion. The pipes themselves are installed in direct contact with local soil, and components like manholes that are installed at grade are continually exposed to the elements.

This is a matter of concern, because the sheer amount of sewer pipe in the United States is truly vast. The American Waterworks Association estimates that there are over 800,000 total miles of underground pipe in the United States.

All of that pipe needs to be maintained, rehabilitated, and occasionally replaced.

Manhole covers are usually made from steel, cast iron, or concrete. These materials are all subject to corrosion.

Manholes are typically installed every 100 feet, and there are an estimated 100 million manhole covers in the United States.

Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic: A Corrosion-Resistant Alternative

The materials used for pipes, manhole covers, and other elements of a municipal sewer system have historically been made from metal or concrete, which corrode. In recent years, fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) has come into use as an alternative.

Like most thermoplastics, FRP is resistant to the corrosion that affects other materials. This composite material is made from a synthetic polymer matrix– usually epoxy, vinylester, or polyester thermosetting plastic– reinforced with fibers of glass, aramid, basalt, or carbon.

FRP is inherently resistant to nearly all forms of corrosion that commonly affect wastewater pipes.

Additionally, the cost per unit is actually lower than alternative materials like high grade stainless steel. FRP composite manhole covers are particularly well suited to highly corrosive environments and environments with very high temperatures, like steam manholes vaults for energy systems that transmit superheated steam. ‘

Composite manhole covers have watertight silicone gaskets that create a tight seal against the manhole frame, reducing surface water infiltration. In climates like New Jersey with cold winters, they offer an additional advantage by being resistant to corrosion from road salts.

FRP composites also have a high tensile strength paired with a light weight, along with a lack of resale value that prevents the theft that sometimes occurs with steel or copper pipes and elements.

Sewer Manhole Repair contractors in NJ

Rather than installing new structures, towns and cities in New Jersey can often save a substantial amount of money by rehabilitating faulty manholes instead. Like sewer relining, manhole lining can provide a cost-effective solution that doesn’t require disruptive excavation.

Some options for sewer manhole repair include:

  • Concrete pipe lining systems use a bidirectional spincaster to centrifugally compact a precision liner. The liner can be tailored to the right thickness for a deteriorated pipe. These liners prevent rust, provide a waterproof seal, and can reinforce both round and elliptical pipe.
  • Polyurea-based lining systems resemble a spray-applied plastic. They provide resistance to corrosion and abrasion, and can withstand a significant amount of mechanical shock.
  • Spray-applied structural lining systems use a specially formulated geopolymer.

These are just a few of the trenchless, no-dig options for sewer manhole repair in New Jersey.

Sewer Service Contractors for Sewer Manhole Repair in NJ

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