Common Sewer Plumbing Problems in NJ

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The plumbing pipes inside your home aren’t the only ones that can break, leak, freeze, and cause problems. Your sewer line can also need occasional repairs, and it may eventually even need to be replaced. These common sewer problems are common in NJ, and can be repaired by a professional local plumber.

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Clogged Residential Sewer Lines in NJ

At 2 Plumbers, one of the most common home sewer problems that we see regularly are clogged sewer main lines. Like toilets and drain pipes, your main sewer line can get blocked off by debris. With nowhere else to go, water can start flowing back up into your drains, potentially causing water damage from sewer backflow.

Common Causes of Sewer Clogs

Clogged sewer pipes, which require professional sewer cleaning, can result from several causes. Most of these are actually preventable with improved sewer maintenance. Some of the most common materials that our plumbers find inside of residential sewer pipes include:

  • Tree roots
  • Paper towels
  • Feminine products
  • Cigarette butts
  • Grease and sludge
  • Sand and sediment

With powerful hydro jetting equipment, plumbers can actually remove these materials completely, leaving your sewer pipe free of obstructions. Hydro jetting for sewer cleaning is a quick, simple process that can solve the majority of problems with clogged sewer pipes.

Sewer Cleaning from NJ Plumbers

At 2 Plumbers, we use hydro jetting to clean clogs and debris out of sewer pipes. Afterward, we can use sewer camera inspection to examine the inside of the pipe for damage that might require sewer repairs. To prevent clogged sewer lines, we recommend being careful what you flush, and contacting a local NJ plumber for annual sewer line maintenance.

Sewer Repairs & Sewer Replacement for Broken Sewer Pipes

Broken sewer pipes can present with some of the same sudden problems, like clogged drains and backflow, that are also typical of clogged sewer lines. Believe it or not, tree root infestation inside the sewer pipes is actually one of the most common causes of serious sewer problems in NJ. Plumbers with inspection cameras can figure out whether the sewer line is damaged, so that we can provide the appropriate sewer repairs to fix the problem.

Many local homeowners dread the sewer excavation they associate with sewer repair service, but in many cases, we can actually use trenchless technologies to resolve the problem without digging any unsightly holes.

Trenchless Sewer Repair Solutions

Over the last few decades, trenchless sewer repairs have become a preferred option for NJ sewer service contractors. These techniques for sewer repair avoid the need for any extensive sewer excavation, simplifying the process for homeowners.

  • Pipe lining is a technique for inserting a resin-based liner into a pipe that has cracks or holes, but that’s otherwise structurally sound. Using a pneumatic bladder, we move the liner into position. Once it’s in place, we use heat or UV light to cure the resin. After the resin has hardened completely, the bladder is deflated and removed. The new pipe liner is waterproof and corrosion resistant, helping keep the pipe free of leaks and tree root intrusion.
  • Pipe bursting allows us to replace all or part of a pipe, with only minimal digging. A hydraulic bursting head breaks the old pipe apart, while a cable pulls a new length of pipe into place behind it.

Sewer Pipe Replacement

If your sewer line has burst, collapsed, or otherwise sustained severe structural damage, you may need sewer line replacement. Using either trenchless pipe bursting or traditional sewer excavation, we can remove the old pipe and install a new one that will last for years to come.

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Need plumbing or sewer repair in NJ? Call us any time at 2 Plumbers, at 201-765-0466.

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