Common NJ Plumbing Problems: Issues with Your Water Heater

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Along with plumbing pipe problems like water leaks and low water pressure, local NJ plumbers also get quite a few calls about faulty hot water heaters. No one wants to deal with cold showers, especially during the winter, and most of us rely on a gas or electric water heater to provide a reliable supply of heated water for bathing, cleaning, and other daily needs. Like any complex appliance, water heaters can suffer from faulty parts, wiring issues, plumbing pipe leaks, and other problems that stop them from working correctly. When that happens, you’ll need help from a professional plumber.

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Common Reasons for Water Heater Repair in NJ

Water heaters, and the hot water pipes they connect to, can suffer from various problems that require professional water heater repairs from an experienced local plumber.

No Hot Water

If an electric water heater isn’t working at all, the problem is often the electrical wiring or ignition. Faulty pilot lights on a gas water heater can cause similar problems. While its possible that your water heater could have permanently given out, this isn’t likely unless the water heater is over fifteen years old.

Lukewarm water is also a common problem. If your plumbing wasn’t installed correctly, cold water could be mixing with your hot water before it reaches your fixtures. It’s also possible that your water heater’s capacity may not be sufficient for the size of your home.

Water Discoloration

Rust and corrosion inside your water tank can stain the water, usually a yellowish, reddish, or brownish tint. Failing anode rods, which are designed to rust before the tank, can also discolor the hot water.

Water Heater Leaks

Both water heaters and their adjacent plumbing can leak. If the tank is overheating or the internal pressure is too high, the temperature and pressure relief valve can leak. Loose bolts, bad gaskets, and faulty joints can also cause leakage. If the tank itself is leaking because of corrosion, you’ll need water heater replacement.

Low Hot Water Pressure

Sometimes, homeowners notice low water pressure that only seems to affect the hot water taps, but not the cold water. This usually indicates that the problem stems from an issue with your water heater. Usually, this is some kind of buildup inside the tank.

  • Hard water deposits are common in some areas of NJ with particularly “hard” water, meaning higher concentrations of dissolved magnesium and calcium. While hard water may have some modest health benefits, the dissolved ions can deposit themselves as scale inside of plumbing pipes and water heater tanks. This is more likely to happen in plumbing that carries hot water. You’ll need a water heater repair plumber to use special equipment and procedures to clean the scale out from the tank.
  • Kinked flexible water lines. Flexible water lines attached to your hot water heater can develop kinks and bends that restrict water flow, lowering water pressure in the hot water taps. This is a fairly easy fix.
  • Mineral deposits in the hot water pipes. Like the water heater tank, the pipes that carry hot water can develop scale deposits that restrict water flow and reduce water pressure.

Smelly Water

If your hot water smells like rotten eggs, it indicates that sulfur-producing bacteria are living inside the tank. Using hydrogen peroxide solutions, plumbers can clean the tank out and eliminate the bacteria.

Noisy Water Heater

If your water heater is making popping, gurgling, or crackling noises, it can mean that the water inside has reached a boil. This shouldn’t happen, and the overheating can strain the entire appliance. Usually, water heaters overheat because of sediment buildup inside.

NJ Plumbers for Water Heater Repairs

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Need water heater repairs? Call us any time at 2 Plumbers, at 201-765-0466.

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