Backflow Prevention Testing & Repair


We are a certified Backflow Prevention service company specialize in residential and commercial backflow testing in New Jersey (NJ) and New York City. We provide annualackflow-prevention-testing-nj backflow testing repair and installations.

We are positive that you will be happy to use our services anytime you may need backflow testing or any other plumbing services. We will provide you with an accurate and honest diagnosis at the lowest cost. Contact us Now to schedule a FREE analysis at your convenience: 201-765-0466.


Not all certified backflow testers are the same. We provide HONEST tests to ensure that your backflow prevention device meets the required standards without adding additional, unnecessary restrictions and cost.

Our backflow company has been in the plumbing industry since 1981. We test, repair and install all models of backflow assemblies. Licensed by the State of New Jersey and New York. We serve our clients during and after business hours, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We will provide you with a FREE VISIT to your facility and will advise you as to what needs to be done in order to be compliance and up to code with no commitment on your end to use our backflow testing or any other services.

  • Our honesty and integrity with clients and serving you well is a first priority and more important to us than anything else.
  • Our backflow testing and repair cost is very affordable. 
  • We work on all approved backflow valves and can replace any obsolete device with one that is on the most current approved list. 


A backflow prevention device is a plumbing valve that is located on the main power supply pipe/line that acts as one way valve in case of emergency in order to protect the public water.  You can read online a lot about backflow prevention devices but in a few words this valve is responsible to ensure that the flow of the water supply goes only from the main pipe to your house but in the case of any other water that may come from a different direction, like if you had a hose that is located in a bucket with detergent, in case there is a backwards vacuum suction from the hose to the water pipe and the detergent will go into your water system the backflow device will be the device to prevent the detergent from going into the public water supply and contaminating it.


Annual backflow testing is required by the town or by DEPY. You have to test the backflow valve once a year in order to ensure the backflow prevention device is operating well and there is no leak or damage.  Usually you will receive a letter requiring you to submit a testing report by a backflow prevention testing company like us within 30 days.  The test that we conduct is a simple test to check the pressure of the device allowing the device to be tested under backflow tests.  A shut off of the main water valve is required in order to conduct the backflow testing and we provide you with the option to conduct the testing any day during or after business hours or on the weekend so you can continue to operate your business with no interruption in the water supply.


Schedule a FREE on-site backflow analysis at your convenience or to talk about your needs and we would be happy to advise you and answer any questions and come and visit your facility at no charge and at no commitment.

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