Trenchless Sewer Repair in New Jersey


Need a local contractor for trenchless sewer repair in NJ? Call now for unbeatable prices! If you’re looking for a sewer contractor to fix a broken, cracked, or severely clogged sewer main line at your home, call us today at 2 Plumbers. We provide sophisticated professional trenchless sewer line repair in New Jersey, allowing us … [Read more…]

Alpine NJ – What Is Backflow Testing?

nj certified backflow testing

In many businesses and homes in Alpine, New Jersey, the plumbing system is outfitted with a device called a “backflow prevention device,” also known as a Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) valve. These are manufactured by companies such as Backflow testers, Watts, and Honeywell. The RPZ valve serves to prevent sewage backflow into a building’s plumbing, as well … [Read more…]

Saddle River NJ – Electric Water Heater Repair: Common Problems


Many homeowners in Saddle River, New Jersey, rely on electric water heaters for a reliable supply of hot water for bathing, cleaning, and more. Electric water heaters are an effective, efficient option for many households, relying on electricity instead of natural gas as their power source. Like any appliance, your water heater will inevitably break … [Read more…]